[powerline easement through pine stand along NC Highway 50 in Creedmoor, NC near where I grew up; these landscapes, variously known as cultural, vernacular, and infrastructural are the type that I am fascinated with and believe are important; they serve evidence that the world is far weirder and more amazing than we give it credit for]

Landscape Archipelago is the main warehouse for the writing and research of Brian Davis. I studied landscape architecture at North Carolina State (undergraduate) and the University of Virginia (graduate) and worked in Buenos Aires and New York City for seven years. I am an assistant professor at Cornell University in the Landscape Architecture Department where I started the Borderlands Research Group and am helping start the Landscape Change Laboratory. I teach undergraduate and graduate level design studios, as well as the technical course Site Assembly and a history/theory course on water and the city in Latin America. You can find some of my older and more informal writings and explorations on my blog by the same name.

Through the Borderlands Research Group I organize my work along two main lines: (1) looking at projects in South America within the larger American context by combining landscape studies with Hemispheric studies, and (2) examining the relationship between landscapes and instruments (tools). This work divides into many subsets including an interest in water infrastructure performance over time, canals and ports as landscape phenotypes, urban forestry as a means to alternative forms of recreation, historical and theoretical writing, and fieldwork in contemporary landscapes throughout the Americas.

I'm also a member of the Dredge Research Collaborative. Last year we worked with Vince DeBritto and Ozayr Saloojee of the University of Minnesota on DredgeFest Great Lakes. It took place in August 2015, in Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, we're working on DredgeFest California, the last of the Four Coasts project. It will take place in the Bay Area, June 13-19, 2016.

email: brian@landscapearchipelago.com /or/ brd63@cornell.edu
twitter: @faslanyc