[a post-industrial site in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY; though seemingly non-productive, a wide range of plants, workers, birds, and explorers inhabit the site- it is full of potentials, perceived dangers, and existing aesthetic experiences; image by Andrew Nicholas]

Through the Borderlands Research Group (BRG) I investigate the ruderal landscapes, the marginal spaces, the edges and the contact zones of the North and South American continent. The BRG develops project-specific methodologies that combine the representational techniques of landscape architecture with the conceptual tools of folks such as Herbert Eugene Bolton, Eric Aviles, Mary Louise Pratt, and Clark Erickson to explore, analyze, and speculate on landscapes typically characterized as left over, post-industrial, vague terrains. Themes of interest include urban industrial rivers and canals, aesthetics and toxicity, and denatured wilderness.

Current projects include Ciudad/Rio which is supported by funding from the Einuadi Center for International Studies and the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, in collaboration with Paulo Pelligrino and Lab Verde at the University of São Paulo, and Troy: RSL which is supported by the USGS and the New York State DEC through the NY Water Resources Institute, and in collaboration with the Troy Architecture Project, Riverkeeper, and the Capital District Regional Planning Commission.